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Custom Quilts, Designed and Created for You

Thank you for visiting, the online home of Making Memories.

My name is Darci Chambers and I have a passion for creating custom, one of a kind keepsake quilts for you and your family. Each quilt is unique to each customer. That’s why meeting with and having open communication with you is a required part of the process. I want your vision to come alive through my work.

Some questions I often get asked…

  1. Are you a quilt shop?
    No, I am not a storefront and I do not sell quilting supplies. I work out of my home to create a quilt for you.
  2. What kind of quilts do you create?
    That’s great question, I’m glad you asked! I can do just about anything you want. Baby quilts, a gift for newlyweds, collection of t-shirts from travels, concerts, kids’ sports and events. I’ve created a quilt out of Crown Royal bags, I’ve created a Harley Davidson quilt, Houston Texans, Texas Rangers-I don’t discriminate against your sports team! I most often make t-shirt quilts. I also take the clothing of your loved one that has passed away and turn them into a wonderful, tangible memory for you to cuddle with. I can use button up shirts, t-shirts, pants, jeans, sports jerseys, etc.
  3. How are your quilts different from others?
    My quilts are made to last. I stabilize all clothing so that it doesn’t stretch or move during the quilting process. I provide the batting (the soft stuff you don’t see in the middle of the quilt). I provide all-over quilting through a third party. All-over quilting is an integral part of making your quilt a long-lasting, quality product.
  4. How much does a quilt cost?
    This is question quilt-mamma gets asked the most often. There is no set price. Each one of my quilts is custom based on your vision. Your cost includes everything needed, from start to finish, that creates a stable, quality product. There are no “add-on” options or surprise costs. We meet in person and talk several times via email or text to determine exactly what you want and it’s all included; fabric, thread, batting, quilting, everything!
  5. What is the process?
    Because often creates quilts with clothing, I will start there. The first step is for you to divide your clothing items. I will need a group of items that you for sure want to use in your quilt and a group that are extras if I need them. The next step is for you to bring your items to my home. We will meet and discuss your vision for your quilt. This gives you an opportunity to meet me, see my work area, pick your all-over quilting pattern, and discuss what colors of fabric you want. In the next few days, I will lay out your shirts/clothing and figure the cost. I will email you pictures of the layout and the contract. The contract will include the finished size of the quilt, the fabric colors, the quilting pattern and, of course, the cost. At this point, if there’s ANYTHING you want changed, please let me know. I can move shirts, I can change the fabric color, I can add shirts. Once you like what you see, you will sign the contract and mail it with a 50% deposit to me. The last step is for me to make the quilt! Once the quilt is done, I will contact you for pick up and you will pay the remaining balance.
  6. How long does it take?
    Please don’t wait!! I truly hate to disappoint people by telling them no, so I beg you to start the process early. Once you sign the contract, it takes 2-3 weeks to complete your quilt. However, if I have other contracts in front of yours, I must complete those first. There’s no definitive answer on how long it will take, it’s all dependent on how busy I am.
  7. How do I get started?
    Contact me using the “Contact me” tab here, email me at or call or text me at 281-785-5605. I look forward to creating something for you.